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    We provide an unparalleled experience of celebrating your loved ones' birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and festivals, even when you are away. Our service ensures that your loved ones feel cherished and special, and you can be a part of their celebrations despite the distance.

    Financial Advisory

    We offer unbiased and tax-efficient financial advisory services that you can trust. Their advice is dependable and can help you make informed financial decisions.

    Property Management & Monitor

    Reclaim Your Peace of Mind. Ensure your properties are safe and secure with NRI's Remote Property Management and monitoring services. Keep your worries away and enjoy the comfort of knowing your properties are in good hands.

    Medical Help

    We offer medical care and assistance, such as accompanying your loved ones to hospitals and doctor visits, while you are away. With our services, you can be assured that your loved ones are receiving the care they need, even when you cannot be there with them.

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