Celebrate Love from Miles Away with NRI Local Buddy

Participate in our survey and win a chance to celebrate a loved one's Birthday or Wedding Anniversary in India. We'll make it special. You'll make it unforgettable.

Why Miss Special Moments?

Living abroad provides countless opportunities, but often at the cost of missing cherished moments with family back in India. NRI Local Buddy understands your yearning to be part of those celebrations, those smiles, those tears of joy.

Your Opportunity Awaits

We invite you to share your thoughts in our quick survey. Your participation could win you an opportunity to celebrate a loved one's Birthday or Wedding Anniversary. Imagine their faces, lit up with surprise, as we organize a celebration they'll never forget. You'll receive beautiful photos and videos, capturing those priceless moments.

Why Choose NRI Local Buddy?

NRI Local Buddy is more than a service; it's your connection to home, to family, to love.

Our Services Include:

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries

We create personalized celebrations that resonate with warmth and joy.

Healthcare Support

Providing medical support and regular check-ups for your family.

Companionship and Emotional Support

Ensuring your loved ones always have a friend nearby.

Property Management Services

Trusted care for your valued investments.

About Our Founder, Srinivas GRK

Inspired by his own journey from the USA back to India to care for his mother, Srinivas GRK founded NRI Local Buddy. His vision? To connect you with your family, to transform longing into connection, guilt into action, and distance into fond memories.

Join Us in Making a Difference

By participating in our survey, not only do you stand a chance to create a beautiful memory for your loved ones, but you also become part of a community that values family, love, and connections.

This is your chance to turn miles into smiles.

Don't miss this golden opportunity to make a loved one's special day truly unforgettable.

Trust Us, Trust NRI Local Buddy

We're dedicated to bringing joy to your family. Your trust fuels our commitment, your love inspires our service, and your satisfaction is our reward.

Join us, be our partner in joy, and let's make beautiful memories together.

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